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Spanish Immersion Program
in Swampscott, MA

New Sunrise Preschool

Our Offerings

Full or Part time Spanish Immersion program & Summer program


Starting at 15 months
through 5 years old


> 40 Hardy Rd Swampscott MA
> 646 Humphrey St Swampscott MA


Monday – Friday7:30am – 6:00pm

Our School

New Sunrise Preschool believes each child is a unique and capable individual. We strive to provide a program which fosters creativity and encourages curiosity and a love of learning. Our program provides children a rich cultural preschool experience, utilizing the Spanish language as the vehicle for instruction and experiences.

We offer a safe and loving environment, comprehensive child centered curriculum and a professional and experienced staff. The curriculum is designed for optimum growth and development in the following areas; social-emotional, oral language, physical health, fine motor, creativity and cognitive skills. These areas are addressed in a positive learning environment which promotes feelings of self-worth and success. We also offer art, science, music and dramatic play and activities.

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New Sunrise Staff

Mrs. Myrna Núñez

Founder / Director





Parent Testimonials

  • “…We have been pleased that by attending NSP, our son is not only learning the Spanish language, but also is experiencing developmentally appropriate and diverse learning opportunities.  We are grateful that NSP offers such a wonderful educational opportunity for our local community. ”

    – Kate

  • “…The class sizes are small, and all of the teachers and students know each other by name. We look forward to having our third child attend New Sunrise Preschool in a few years — and we only hope the wait list isn’t too long by then.”

    – Jennifer and Chris Bednar

  • “…My daughter has been at NSP for almost 3 years and we will greatly miss it when she’s at Kindergarten. She is MORE than ready for her new school and I believe that NSP has been a huge part of that.”

    – Karlene

  • “Our son has learned about so many topics while absorbing and using Spanish. His Spanish accent and comprehension are amazing, and we are not fluent Spanish speakers, so his skills are a direct testament to the quality of NSP.  A great experience end-to-end. We will sorely miss the school when our son graduates.”

    -A Swampscott NSP parent

  • “Without a doubt, New Sunrise Preschool was the best decision we have made for our son…. He is engaged on every level of his development and continually asking questions. His understanding of the Spanish Language continues to astound me. We are thrilled for him to continue the exploration of language, is a setting that is safe, nurturing, fun and inspiring” 

    – Alison McMaster

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